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Citrus Music Group is a one stop shop built on offering musicians, artists, producers and creators all the products/services they need to grow their brand. Citrus members are eligible to receive discounts service on:

Overseeing Growth

Take your work further without limits. Citrus members have access to all the tools necessary to build their brand, such as search engine optimization, Spotify play-listing, and much more.
We’re giving you a head start in the international competition known as music. We recognize that the first step is the hardest. Citrus members enjoy Search Engine Optimization in every membership.

Discounted Price On…

The ultimate resource for you to grow your name in the music industry with discount price on social media management, graphic design, keyword targeting and more.
Studio Time

Studio time

You don’t have to wait to record your work! Record professionally, while on a budget.

Premium VSTs

Get access to any softwares you could imagine to grow your talent.

Graphic Professionals

Let your audience not only hear you, but see you, with access to graphic professionals.

Music Equipment

Everything you need to get started making music, all at a lower price.

Digital Marketing

Let your audience access anything related to you on all the major search engines.

Website Services

Build your digital footprint by building your own custom website.
Citrus Music Group

How It Works:

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, allowing our members to save a ton on their creation costs.
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