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Our missions to connect more musicians to the tools they need to reach new heights. Whether you’re trying to find representation or market your brand, Citrus provides all the tools necessary for you to shine!

Spotify Play-listing


Start growing your audience on Spotify with targeted campaigns to increase streams and grow your fanbase! Enjoy monthly Spotify submissions and detailed reports with CitrusPulse.

Search Engine Optimization


Grow your fan base on all major search engines. Almost 59% of internet users use search engines everyday. Turn these users into fans with CitrusPulse.



Get featured on some of the biggest publications in the world. Start building your image and growing your fanbase with the music industries top publications. Learn more about how CitrusPro can help grow your brand today!

Social Media Marketing


Turn your social media accounts into cash cows with Social Media Marketing. Create a larger following with targeted monthly social media marketing campaigns designed to grow you influence and reach more fans. See how CitrusPro can help separate yourself from other creators- social media marketing

Website Development


Create your own website like all major artists. Enjoy custom website to promote your art and build your digital footprint. Upload upcoming tour dates, shows, music and even merchandise all on your own website.



Build life long relationships with some of the music industry top labels, talent and more. Start growing your industry network and breakthrough to a new level of stardom with CitrusConnect.

Created for musicians by musicians. Take your career to the next level with CitrusPro

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