Arrived by Nicolette

Fans are excited about the new release of Nicolette’s latest single. The single titled ‘Arrived‘ was written about a breakup experience with whom Nicolette considers her “first love.” They had both known for some time that the relationship was ending, but we so desperately clung to the hope that something would change. On the last day together as lovers, he drove her home. The last drive was both vivid and a blur. Nicolette remembers clinging to his hand, taking a long way home, and him driving as slowly as he could. For the longest time, Nicolette wanted to write about that experience, but there were no words to describe that hopeless pain. She later realized the journey was not meant to be described but told as a story. The tragic ending led to the beginning of “Arrived.”

Knowing everyone has experienced similar heartbreak, Nicholette wanted to take listeners on that last car ride, explaining the sights I saw, the thoughts, and the feelings that followed. She managed to use every aspect of a song’s structure to paint each story scene from the long, drawn-out melody to emphasize the desire to prolong the inevitable, the simple yet haunting instrumentation to aid in fear of what is to come after this, and lyrics that aimed to say so much in so little. Nicolette later stated, “I always say I hope my words find the people who need them when they need them. While we all go through our own experiences, we can find common ground in the feelings/emotions that those experiences evoke.”


“Arrived” provides comfort to anyone who is/has gone through a similar situation by letting them know that they are not alone and helping them find the words to express what they are feeling. “Arrived” will be released in the coming months on all streaming platforms.

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