Zanni’s Mission

Zanni first started releasing music around 2016 but became infatuated with film/theater to the point of wiping his music footprint clean in order to focus his attention solely on acting. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he decided to revisit music as the virus had evaporated his acting prospects. After years away from music, he finally released his first official debut single, “Dancefloor” on April 22, 2022. 

Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, Zanni enjoys tethering the line of being electric while remaining catchy enough within his music that even his parents could follow along. Growing up with influences ranging from Frank Ocean to Frank Zappa, Zanni never allows himself to get boxed in genre-wise and always treats a new song as a new journey to undertake.

In addition to music and film, Zanni is also heavily involved in his community and continuously sets up food drives with the help of his charity that he co-founded, Project Possible. Zanni also donates most of his earnings off of his music to charities such as: Action Against Hunger and Families Forward. Zanni intends to use his music career to finance his philanthropic goals, with his main goal being to establish a well run homeless shelter with a purpose of getting people the necessities needed to achieve success, whether that be food or education.



Stylistically, there’s a lot to like about Zanni’s aesthetic. He likes to imagine his songs as plays, and treats them as if they were a script to a motion picture. Zanni prides himself more as a music lover than a real musician and because of this, he flows through different genres with the intention of making people fall in love with his art as much as he loves others. He knows he a isn’t perfect artist but he loves the pursuit to be.

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