Zack King

Making the bold move from the harsh winters of Minnesota to the endless summers of America’s West Coast has certainly paid dividends for Zack King. The enormously talented guitarist and singer-songwriter have consistently released music since 2020, with his latest EP Bend But Don’t Break highlighting how far he has come.

Music has always been his salvation and provided the support he needed to get through the tough times. Originally writing alt-rock songs, it takes a journey to mold an artist, and now he has unearthed his natural groove among the palm trees of Los Angeles. Beautifully crafted songs that show a distinct affinity with the iconic band All Time Low and artist Machine Gun Kelly, Zack delivers songs that trigger emotions deep within the soul. Working with former Red One producer Eric Sanicola and Mixer Trevor Muzzy, the solo artist displays vulnerability and wears his heart on his sleeve with emotional vocals and a unique story-telling ability.

Migrating between pop rock with occasional punk influences, Zack creates hooks and melodies that are instantly recognizable and enduring. His lyrics are a poignant and powerful reminder that the path to a successful life is full of obstacles that must be met head-on. 

With over 250K plays on Spotify alone, his reputation as an intricate, intelligent and inspired musician is growing daily. More and more people are discovering his back catalog, which features an astounding album and countless singles. That legacy is only going to grow with 2022 delivering more memorable moments. 


Finally, feeling that he has found himself, Zack is not bound by the expectations of an industry that likes to put people in a box and has now uncovered the freedom to express himself in ways previously unimagined. Heartfelt, authentic, and accurate, that unshackling of his potential will see him come to audiences’ attention everywhere. Bringing his music to the American public, Zack will embark on a national tour to showcase all the new songs ready to see the light of day.

Whether in the warm embrace of his laidback songs or those that feature a more upbeat pop-rock tempo, Zack King is the artist that will reach inside your heart and let you know that you are alive.

“I found peace and happiness through creating music, and hopefully my audiences will find the same” – Zack King.

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