The One and Only Bria McCollum

Bria McCollum is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, session musician, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Bria strives to break the typical barriers of an artist because of her unique voice and style choices. With her passion for genre-bending, she uses her background as a classical pianist, violist, and violinist to create an entirely different music arena. Much of her work contains deep yet literal lyrics about mental health, heartbreak, love, and society.

Bria has started gaining traction since her release in 2020 with “Comfort Zone” chosen to play the POP/ROCK showcase performed at the Curb Event Center with top-ranked sponsors, including Lighting 100 (Independent Radio Station). Since then, she has been mentioned and featured in several magazines, zines, and articles, including: “ASHVILLE SCENE MAGAZINE” LT PRESS MAGAZINE” T PUNKS,” UNKAGANDA PRESS” ear It Down Zine” UCLA’sCultural Affairs” JUKEBOX TIMES” and “MUNDANE MAGAZINE” With dedication and determination, she continues to produce, promote, write songs, and book shows to live out her passion for music.


Growing up, Bria’s role models are Nina Simone. After watching her documentary, she looked up to how she had different sides to her as a person and musician. “Many people often try to put musicians, especially black women, into a box or a specific niche. She had to work towards combatting all of her critics and continue with her mission as a talented artist.” Bria is currently working on a brand new album with a unique sound. Much of the inspiration came from a band called Kinokoteikoku. “My goals and dreams are to reach at least one person with every song I release. I have always been in love with music. I started playing piano at a very early age and went from playing the classical piano to producing and playing all my instruments (except for drums) on my tracks.”

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