Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions Agreement (T&Cs) between you and Citrus Music Group, LLC or its affiliates (“CMG”, “we” or “us”) guides your use of the CMG services and your purchase of our memberships and products availed through the CMG services. By subscribing and using the CMG services, you consent, without qualification or limitation, to be bound by these T&Cs and the CMG Privacy Policy. Please do not use the CMG Services if you do not agree with the T&Cs. CMG reserves the right to update the T&Cs anytime. By continuing to use the CMG services, you communicate consenting to and agreeing to comply with any T&Cs changes. 


You must be 13 years of age and above to visit and use the CMG services. Your visiting and use of the CMG services imply that you represent to us that you are 13 years of age or older and that he have the right, capacity, and authority to consent to and comply with the T&Cs. 

Subscription Fee

CMG has formed relationships with the best corporations in the music industry to provide members access to premium Studios, VSTs. Photogrpahers, and other services. CMG grants prospective members a subscription offer of $49.99 per month. The subscription fee grants members endless access to unlimited benefits and discounted resources to help members grow.

Applicable law

By using the CMG services you represent to us your Commitments to use our services in a manner consistent with the applicable laws and regulations of the state, United States and abroad. 

Copyright protection

The copyright protection under the United States laws and foreign laws protect the content of the CMG services like video clips and audio files, service marks, trademarks, trade names, and information. Any use of the CMG contents not expressly allowed by the T&Cs is a breach of the terms and could violate copyright, trademark, and related laws. 

Eligible purchases

CMG members enjoy discounted prices to make the most of opportunities such as booking studio time, graphic professionals, premium VSTs, equipment, and so much more. A CMG member shall be a subscriber eligible to use the services porvided on the website at discounted prices. CMG services benefits are reserved for subscribers and limited to items displayed on our website and such as our affiliates shall indicate in their offers. As a result, the discount promotions shall apply to eligible items displaying the offer discounts on the item provided on our information website. To have a glance at a full list of items on offer visit our website at… A subscriber may not assign or transfer their subscription or any of the benefits to a third party without CMG’s authorization. 


All payments regarding services shall be between the affiliate provider and the subscriber, not CMG. A subscriber shall be responsible for getting a receipt to verify the correctly applied discount. To receive a proper refund, you shall make sure to obtain a receipt from the affiliate provider. A member shall pay the cost of the item on the day the offer was processed minus the discount offered plus any applicable tax as the total cost charged for their purchase. The shipment cost shall be billed on the payment method a member used to create their subscription or as the member shall direct. 

Payment Disclaimer

CMG is not responsible for refunding CMG members if a discount is not applied by the affiliate provider. CMG shall not be responsible for any payments other than the subscription fee.

Subscription Lifespan

A member’s subscription shall remain in place until the member cancels the subscription. You can withdraw your subscription at any time through Your Account with the CMG website. Did you cancel your membership and reactivate it later, the discount offers may have changed and may not apply to any item in effect at the time you canceled your subscription.

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