In My Dreams Out Now

Based out of New York City, Swaviie Macc was born to Oneíl Davis & from Bocas Del Toro, Panama. He showed a natural gift for music at a young age, wowing his community as a singer in the church choir at age 11. In his teenage years his love of singing and performing evolved to contemporary. merged in the music scene with a  classic hip hop and R&B vibe to him. Macc began using his influences from his native Panama to create a vital new sound for himself.

Swaviie Macc began incorporating his influence from church and contemporary music to new obsession with hip-hop. Swaviie Macc began rapping to himself as a hobby but his love for music quickly became an obsession. After adapting to a new life in the United States, Swaviie Macc had all the inspiration he needed. 

Swaviie Macc spent the next couple years honing his craft and releasing a number of singles in the years following. Swaviie Macc had great success with the singles ‘Two Times’ and ‘Simone,’ both reaching thousands of listeners online.Macc continued to work on his sound throughout  the crazy city of New York. After years of cutting his teeth in the famous New York City underground, Macc finally released his debut EP.Swavii Macc to the world.


Swaviie’s passion for music has consistently helped him overcome his daily struggles. Swaviie Macc’s inspiration to create music comes from his want to help anyone struggling with problems in their lives. Living by the personal motto “swim or drown” reminds him to never stop pursuing his dreams. The results of his persistence have brought a great deal of positive responses from family to fans. This young talented artist is on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in the coming years. Be prepared to see his name more and more.

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