Social Media Management

Turn your social media accounts into cash cows with Social Media Management. Let us analyze your social media audience and develop a strategy that’s tailored to them. We create and distribute content for social media content that not only builds your following but also you influence. Talk to one of our Social Media Management experts today. Get a free consultation on all Social Management services!!!

Social Media Management Packages DescriptionNation Avg. PriceCMG Price
Bronze Instagram:
– 8 story.
– 8 post.
– All graphic design.
Silver Instagram, Twitter:
– 10 story.
– 10 post.
– All graphic design.
– Hashtag.
– Location.
GoldInstagram, Twitter, Facebook:
– 12 story.
– 12 post.
– All graphic design.
– Hashtag.
– Location.
– User Selection.
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