Ryan DeSiato

Ryan DeSiato is an artist that has experienced many stages of metamorphosis over the years. In line with this journey, his current soulful acoustic blues sound has taken many stylistic twists and turns on the road to its current expression. He began creating music and learning guitar at 15 by playing along to Nirvana’s Unplugged record. In Ryan’s words: “I played acoustic guitar along with the record in my mom’s garage after my parent’s divorce like I was a member of the band. Music took my mind off the emotional pain I was in and started building the fundamental guitar skills I use today.I would set up my boom box in front of me in the center of my mom’s garage and get lost in the flow of the live performance. The reverberations of music bouncing off concrete walls and the sound of my guitar blending in with the band was such a joy to me.”

In high school, his ability to play guitar and sing connected him with other musicians, and he started an alternative rock band. “We had fun mostly, but we opened for a few large acts, Big Wreck, Creed, and David Garza. The experience was wonderful, and I learned much about live music performance during this time. After my first band experience, I launched into my twenties and started to pursue a more acoustic, solo-based sound. Something about the acoustic guitar always called to me. “When Ryan was 19, he wrote and recorded his first acoustic album, “I AM,” in San Antonio, TX. He recorded the entire 12 songs in one take as a live performance. “I knew very little about studio recording then. Throwing myself blindly at a challenge was indicative of how, for better or worse, I have learned most about the music industry.”



Continuing through his 20s and 30s, Ryan recounts: “I was quite prolific during this time. I amassed a catalog of 200-plus songs. Many of which I have yet to record and look forward to the recording when I feel called back to revisit them. “During this time of high output in 2004, he branched back into the alternative rock genre and recorded his first solo record: “EP 2004”. He produced a music video for the single ‘Make Belief,’ along with the recording, which won Best Video at the 2004 Austin Music Network awards.
In 2005 Ryan recorded the follow-up to “EP 2004” titled “Double Edged“. This record represented a return to a fusion of music styles mixing rock and my acoustic aesthetics.”

For more info visit: https://ryandesiato.com/

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