Requin Vistage

Birthed in Louisiana in early 2020, Requin Visage began as an alternative electronic music project under the artistic direction of head producer Nitá. Initially, the productions and songs were an exercise in experimental sound but now have taken on a life of their own. Morphing into a sonically artistic exploration of existential themes of the human experience told through music, visual art, and creative collaboration. Every song released under the RV moniker is part of a larger overarching storyline. The digital entity is sent to Earth to learn and understand “the human experience” by living it himself.

Throughout this story, this entity encounters several characters, events, and emotions, each portrayed by the music and visual art pieces released as a part of the Requin Visage library. These bodies of work together chronicle the entity’s journey to “become more human” and “self-aware.” Throwback elements from different music genres allow Requin to form a fresh and different sound. Through collaboration, the Requin Visage project hopes to combine all of these elements to start a new view of what it means to be a music artist/producer and what that work means. Looking to the future, Nitá envisions fostering creative collaboration with other artists, both in the Requin Visage project and their own individual projects. Requin Visage plans on bringing new sonic perspectives and ideas that keep music “limitless.” Ever evolving, expanding, and experimenting with a different sound, Requin Visage hopes to bring listeners an entirely new musical experience with upcoming future releases.  

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