Tacomas Very Own

Anthony Sellers, also known as Mvllah, is an up and coming American rapper/producer. Mvllah was born January 15, 1994 and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Early in his music career Mvllah initially worked in the music industry as a producer , alongside one of his close friends from high school. The two worked as a production duo known as, HDxMulla. The group began working and grew a substantial following around the Seattle hip hop community.

The duo worked on a various number of production tracks and built their digital presence online. Their online brand led them to work with local talent and a number of label artists. The group worked with artists Lil B “The Based God”, Stunnaman Keith Jenkins, the Pack and Paul Wall.In 2015 Mvllah ventured into becoming a solo producer. His already established brand allowed him to work with various local rappers and singers. 

After working with a number of talented local Seattle artists, Mvllah found himself in the booth more and more. This led to Mvllah transitioning from just a producer to a producer/artist. Mvllah began to focus on his own music and dropped a number of singles following his initial release. In January 2022, Mvllah joined forces with previous counterpart, prestigious Rapper and Independent Label owner of LX3, LROC and mentor Franky Hustle. The two ended up working together to build a creative space together in Tacoma, Washington.

Since the Release of his single “I Can’t Save Another Life” in November 2021, Mvllah has begun to release more singles with engageable content. Mvllah is solely focused on solidifying his career and brand in a post COVID world. As growth and development of the web 3 world increases Mvllah sees it as a perfect opportunity to grow his sound to new levels. Mvllah plans on expanding his brand to the metaverse and a number of similar Web 3 platforms. His ability to look to the future is one of a kind. Mvllah harnesses that mentality to continue to push his creative boundaries. Prepare to see a lot more from this young talented artist.

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