The Real Max Mitchell

Max Mitchell is a producer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Boston, MA. He initially got into music at just 3 years old by playing his father’s drum set to records from bands like The Clash, Joe Jackson and U2. As time went on, Max learned guitar and piano by teaching himself songs that he loved on these instruments, ranging in genre from rap artists like Mac Miller to heavy metal bands like The Contortionist and After The Burial.

After being accepted to the Isenberg school of management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he began producing on Ableton Live and immediately fell in love with it. While continuing to develop his signature sound, he started producing for local artists and friends which quickly led him to realize that music was his true passion. This prompted him to drop out of college, and soon after he released several singles and a collaborative project with Exposed Culture (a group of artistic individuals from New England). 

Max then moved to Los Angeles to bring his music career to new heights. Once in Los Angeles Max immediately produced an EP for B.Cave called “The Scenic Route”, which was well received and the single “Bare Feet” brought in over 50,000 streams across multiple platforms. From there, Max worked with B.Cave and multiple other artists including Mea Culpa and Elijah Kyle, all while releasing instrumental beats tapes focusing on various hip-hop styles.


Max continues to work on projects with these and other artists, as well as developing his own solo project. Max also is interested in venturing into a number of other avenues, like film scoring. Drawing from influences across all genres, Max aims to create music that prioritizes feeling over all else. Look for a lot of new music coming from Max Mitchell in 2022.

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