Max Mitchell teams up with B.Cave for “Sojourner” EP

LA-based producer Max Mitchell teamed up with fellow Boston native B. Cave to release the new “Sojourner” EP. Packed full of nostalgic yet fresh production and original and entertaining bars, “Sojourner” is sure to be perfect for both new and old-school hip-hop fans. The lead single, “Young Soprano,” features plenty of vibrant instrumentation, bringing the “Sopranos”-themed lyrics to life and tying together the mafia-inspired mood of the song. It was also released alongside a short film-style music video shot and directed by Franz Mahr. The third track, “Reap What You Sow,” sees Max and B.Cave team up with LA-based rapper NEVERMADD to create a high-energy crowd-pleaser with gospel-influenced backing vocals and dramatic strings complementing the confident vocals from both performers.

The closing track, “Pray To That,” sees B.Cave opens up about his mental struggles while offering insights about how to deal with those same issues. Powerful bass notes and drums carry the heavenly horn and string samples. Check out “Sojourner,” available on all streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for more from Max and B.cave in the near future.

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