Hunter Magno

Hunter Magno is a young upcoming artist who grew up in Memphis, TN, but is currently based out of Jackson, MS. This young artist is different from his peers in his ability to mesh, blend, and seamlessly release tracks from plethora of genres ranging from Drill, Rap, RnB, and Alt. Rock. Magno is best known for his provocative and high-energy performances that bend the traditional music norms and the native sounds of Jackson, MS.The south has always been known for its high-energy artists and ability to move a crowd. Mangano has embraced this side, and fans have begun to notice.

Magno’s artistic ability is not only expressed in his music but also in his music video. Magno can transform his lyrics into amazing visual spectacles. His video creations have been so out of this world that they have landed him in trouble with public authorities (ex., RageKill Switch). Hunter’s passion for music is greatly portrayed not only in his music but also his education. Hunter graduated collegewith a BBA in Business Administration, as well as a MBA in International Marketing and is setting his sights on getting a Doctorate in Public Policy. He also works for one of the most prominent studios in the Jackson area SAT studios with his great and talented people working with him such as Shane Thompson and Wyatt Roberts 24/7. Hunter Magno’s latest realease “Lost & Found” an Alternative Rock EP with subtle influences in Metal, Rap, and RNB is out now on all Platforms. 

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