Defonix The Inspiration

Born in Toledo,Ohio, Defonix started his creative journey into music in 2005 when he began writing poetry. A few years later in 2007, Defonix began his musical journey by starting to write and record his own music. Over time Defonix started to develop himself as a Rnb/Hip-Hop Artist. His unique sound and style allowed him to grow his influences to unimaginable levels.

As the years passed by, Defonix continued working on his music more and more. By 2014, Defonix was traveling to perform shows, work with producers and artists alike. Since then, Defonix has released 9 bodies of work.  His first project was released on all major platforms in 2015 and was titled Def Talk. The positive feedback led to him dropping Dream Bigger Than The World in 2016, El Amor Lo Mas Importante and Pork Chops and Applesauce 2017, The Anti Social Butterfly in 2018, Poison IV in 2022 and Star 67, Power n Love, and Hooked on Fonix all in 2021. It is apparent that Defonix does not shy away from hard work and his numbers show it.

โ€œI wonโ€™t stop, this is my lifeโ€™s purpose without question. This journey has sent me through many highs & lows to be where I am now. I have come close to death, lost it all and ended up homeless. I went through hell and got back again. I work on my music career 7 days a week and am never satisfied. I’m up late while everyone is sleeping and I’m up before anyone wakes up. I know I can help people with my music. That is what keeps me going every single day.โ€ -Defonix


It is apparent that Defonix has a true passion for music. As an independent artist his inspiration to create is directly associated with trying to help people going through the daily life struggles through music. The lessons and wisdom he incorporates in his projects is truly inspirational. Defonix has a bright future ahead of him, his worth ethic and talent is unmatched. Be prepared to see more projects and appearances from Defonix in 2022.

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