Charlie Alexander

Charlie Alexander is a 21 years old indie artists from San Diego, California. Growing up Charlie was always fascinated by the artwork of music videos and movie soundtracks. He started out on his creative journey by making homemade movies with my siblings. As he grew older he took his videography talents to the beach. Charlie began growing his creative abilities by making surf videos. In high school, Charlie started to make music videos for his friends music.

In 2019, once the pandemic came around, Charlie was unable to create visuals with his friends, so he began to take a interest creating music that would align with his visuals. This was a big and uncomfortable jump for Charlie. Growing up he had always received compliments on having a good voice but was always too shy to really try and sing. At the time of the pandemic, he was listening to a lot of hard-tune vocals and loved the sound of it. This inspired him to try and make a song that felt like him but was experimental at the same time. With lots of postive feedback from friends/family, Charlie later released the single titled Mr. Nobody.

At the time, music really helped Charlie grow as an individual. The concept of being fully vulnerable and opening his heart to the world was never something Charlie had really done before. The idea of full forced vulnerability allowed him to release a follow up single titled Letโ€™s Take On the World. When asked about the track Charlie responded by saying, “This track was produced with so many tears and could be my favorite song of mine still to this day. My music is greatly influenced by movie scores, analog synths, film grain/haze, my friends, deep feelings of love, and what I feel emotionally. I want my music to feel emotional and for my audience to feel something strike within themselves. Most of the time, I am not able to understand what I am feeling until I sing it.”


Currently, Charlie is still working on a number of new projects. Even with a lot start to his career in 2020, Charlie is still consistent with his work. Along to the 2 singles, Charlie has released a 7 track EP that came out in May 2022. This year Charlie has been really focusing on songwriting and working on his voice. Coming into the second part of 2022 Charlie has also been focusing on production and sound design. With a lot of new music, Charlie is expected to have a strong push in the later months of 2022. Be prepared to see a lot more of Charlie Alexander.

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