Brett Payne, a 19 year old singer songwriter and producer from Houston, TX. Brett moved to Nashville to further pursue his career in the music industry, by attending Belmont University, studying Songwriting and Audio Engineering Technology. Before leaving , Brett adopted the alias and stage name of: “Boy Nxt Door”. Boy Nxt Door, while it may be a name, means so much more than just three words. Boy Nxt Door, is a character, a personality, something for young people relate to.

Boy Nxt Door is an attempt to express pure emotion found within the hijinx of high school, the indifference of independence, the chaos of college, and frankly a way to be as comfortable as we can be with how uncomfortable and awkward the real world, and our everyday lives are. Boy Nxt Door, while it may be the representative of one person’s journey and experience, it can be the embodiment of many others.The goal of Boy Nxt Door, is to write an honest perspective of your average teenager going through the ups and downs of a youthful life in this world. He has written out a journey of songs and albums that walk with this character from high school, through college, and out into the world, each step holding values of love, heartbreak, friendship, and the longing for something more in life. Boy Nxt Door began his discography in 2021, with his first single: “Lover Boy”, and as of mid-2022, his discography has grown, adding an EP, a new single, as well as finalized plans for a second connected EP in the fall, as well as, a full album within the year 2023. With that, he hopes you follow along on the journey, as he explores himself and the world through the art of music! Remember, It’s All Connected!


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