Rolling the Dice

Sean “007 Dice” Troop is a  90’s baby born in Denver, Colorado but raised in the Cayman Islands & Brooklyn, NYC. Post-college Dice found himself musically when he got back to Brooklyn and created a conglomerate with friends who decided to turn a shared love of music from a hobby to a LIFESTYLE!

Dice realized he wanted to do music professionally shortly after performing with his brothers in NYC. It was the echoes they’d get from the crowd and the positive feedback they received from family and fans that inspired him to continue working on his brand. Dice began making records, videos, performing at private events and concerts. Slowly but surely, Dice began to grow his brand and fan base to unimaginable heights. 007 Dice shortly found himself as a recording musician, a powerhouse and an ever-evolving artist!

007 Dice has shown incredible work ethic since then. Over the years Dice has released a number of projects and recorded well over 200+ songs. This positive energy propelled Dice to work with OHMG (Official Hitz Music Group) an international record label. Currently Dice is a solo artist based in Atlanta and he’s been working in many label-streamed circles to perform & network.

 Dice’s inspiration to create music is to make a pathway for other artists. Parting the seas for his Family & tight-knit circle, Dice knows that he is blessed with talent and wants to open doors for his loved ones.The biggest goal for Dice this upcoming year is to reach more fans. Dice plans on dropping a number of singles along with a number of appearances. Fans and creators alike are excited to see what ends up happening with this bright and talented young up and coming artist. Be prepared this isn’t going to be the last time you hear about 007 Dice.


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