CMG is a subscription based platform that gives creators access to discounted prices to the products and services they already love.
  • Create an account
  • Click the link to the respected provider
  • Enter your information
  • Enjoy the benefits of being a part of Citrus.
  • CMG connects creators with products/services they already know and love with discounted rates.
    Click on our membership link and follow the prompts provided.
    Citrus members pay $49.99/month for unlimited access to our affiliate providers.

    If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of CMG please contact us at info@citrusmusicgroup.com

    We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. We also accept Paypal and Amazon Pay.
    Just login to your membership profile and cancel you subscription at any time.
    Credit cards will be charged immediately after the free trial period is over.
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